Monday, February 18, 2013

Go Ahead and Peek

August Müller Tagebucheintrag
 Remember when diaries were private? It was bad form to peek.  Now we publish our secrets in blogs and invite the world to stare.  That's what a blog is; a peek-able diary. Some blogs - mine included - even invite people to leave comments.  So go ahead - peek in my blog and then leave tracks. How cool is that?

I'm currently blogging about writing my first book; shamelessly begging my friends to follow my blog by entering their email address in the box to the right. I'm secretly hoping they'll buy the book when it comes out, but for now I'll settle for followers who comment. I mean, really, even TSA leaves a note when they rummage through your undies.

So far, that hasn't happened much. A good friend called yesterday with a possible reason why:

FRIEND:  Your blog is unfriendly. It says "No Comments" at the bottom of each post.  Why not?
LON:        Why not what?
FRIEND:   Why won't you let me comment?
LON:         You can comment; I want you to comment.
FRIEND:   But you clearly state that you don't want any -  see it says "No Comments"
LON:        That just means no one has commented yet.
FRIEND:   Why didn't you just say so?
LON:         Sigh

Maybe it isn't as clear as I'd hoped. Here's how you tell me what you really think.  Point your mouse to the word "Comments;" then left-click.  A very friendly little box will pop up and let you comment on my latest craziness. Of course if I think you're being too nasty, I might just censor you. I have that power.      (Smile)