Thursday, May 16, 2013

My Chinese Fortune

Blue Bay Asian Cafe - good food, invitingly priced and a lyrical name that breezily floats past your tongue. We eat there a lot. It's close. We can walk from our townhome, gorge ourselves on Asian delights, take home as much as we ate and still and call it exercise. My fortune cookie dispenses a lucky lottery number, a Mandarin word-of-the-day and sage advice like "I see a cookie in your future."

But recently my fortune cookie advised,
I saved that one.

Soon after, I received an email with bad news.  The Namibian government denied our application for permanent residency. We were shocked. We were sure we'd done enough to gain that coveted residency status. What now? My eyes wandered across my desk and spied the slip, "Go confidently in the direction of your dreams."  That's what we're doing. We're applying for short-term business visas and will travel back to Namibia in a few weeks.  Then we'll apply for a renewal of our work permits.

Our African tale marches on. Shortly after the book ended, we received a two-year work permit and applied for permanent residency to stabilize our future. It seems God still loves trust more than stability.