Friday, February 8, 2013

Alternative Therapies

Cancer is crazy.  Since there's no medical cure, alternative therapies abound. I crafted a few of my own; not as a cure, but rather as an emotional coping device.  They both worked wonders, keeping my mind off of death, surgery, and its nasty after effects.

Writing Therapy
Writing the book distracted me.  I love to write and lose myself when writing.  Everything else disappears including my cares and worries. So I got up early and worked on the book for six or seven hours each morning and early afternoon.  But I also blogged about my cancer. Blogging helped me find the funny side of cancer and laughing about it soothed me.  You can read my musings at:


Baseball Therapy
I love baseball.  I was 6 when I fell for America's pastime and I still swoon at the sound of a bat hitting a ball.  The Cincinnati Reds are my team.  But being in Denver for treatment, the Colorado Rockies were more accessible.  At least they share the same initials as the Reds.  So I attended baseball games in the afternoons and evenings. It helped that my son-in-law works for the Rockies. I watched the Reds online when the Rockies were out of town.

All things considered, it was Lon's excellent adventure.