Friday, January 25, 2013

The Conception

The book was conceived on an airplane somewhere between Johannesburg and Kinshasa.  As a boy, fueled by Tarzan and Conrad's Heart of Darkness, the Congo represented the ultimate adventure.  I was going to teach a leadership workshop on the banks of the Congo River, but more than that, I'd be walking into fantasy land, the source of many boyhood dreams.  Even more, Val and I had been living that adventure for several years in Namibia.  I realized that I'd accumulated enough stories.  It was time to write my book.

In an instant, my book-writing dream morphed into a concept.  I'd  invite readers into the drama and emotions of the African adventure my wife and I'd been experiencing for several years.  But I'd also share the lessons we'd learned from that fairy tale existence.  I'd share the excitement, the humor, the tears and the terror.  Late in our lives, we'd traded the safety of the rocking chair for an adventurous uncertainty, falling headlong into our destiny.  It was a story worth telling.

I put away the book I'd been reading and began outlining chapters for what turned into The Leap: living the life you dream about.  My wishing star no longer just twinkled; it blazed a trail across the sky.